Lasertag for Birthdays





You know we could spend hours giving you all the lowdown on why a Birthday at Lasertag powered by Bedlam is a good idea.  But we can sum it up in one word.  FUN!.   Having a Lasertag birthday at Bedlam is actually a dream a many people, especially those that play console and computer games.  The actual thought of getting out there and playing for real at one of our venues tends to send these people into apoplectic euphoria.
With a Birthday at Lasertag powered by Bedlam you get the following
All equipment hire
A Birthday Cake for the Individual
All instruction
Full insurance
8-16 games
1 or 2 hours of fantastic fun
PLUS the Birthday person goes free - As long as you bring 12 or more people.
We have two packages.  1 Hour for £18 or 2 Hours for £25.  
Call us now on 08453 707571 to book your Lasertag Birthday at Bedlam